Green My Ass

I don’t know about you but I think this whole greenhouse effect issue is a bit of a red herring. I think the reason that it’s called the green movement is because that’s the color of $20 bills in Canada. Let’s face it, it’s real easy to put a guilt trip on people when it comes to the environment. And when people are feeling guilty it’s not difficult to get them to fork over a few dollars here and there so they can assuage themselves of that guilt period

Carbon credits are my favorite pet peeve. They don’t really prevent polluting they just make somebody pay for it. And where does that money go? You and I will never see any of it. It just goes to pad some bureaucrat’s pension account. Oh you think not? Are you really so na├»ve. Well you probably are because most people are.

Anyway, Think what you like but I’ve done my research on the subject and I know what I think. I think the green movement nothing more than the color of money.