Air conditioning Airconboy was identified as the first batch of National Intellectual Property advantageous entrepreneurs.

World Intellectual Property Office of the State ", State Intellectual Property Office in the decision of a demo first national intellectual property and entrepreneurs in the competition, " which identified 127 companies nationwide series of operators . demonstration of Intellectual Property of 771 organizations for the first time , the number of entrepreneurs who take advantage of intellectual property in China Airconboy Group Chuzhou Airconboy air Conditioner Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " air conditioning Airconboy") was identified as the first series. intellectual property of advantageous enterprises.

Air conditioning Yangzi contract Wyatt 's world leaders donated property.

Chuzhou Yangzi Air Conditioner Co., Ltd conditioning was donated leaders making big promises held in the party room at a small village deputy secretary of Fengyang County, Woo, vice president of Chuzhou Yangzi Air Conditioner Co., Fang Zhao, Xiaogang village committee were present at the ceremony. that 11 leaders of women who contract a large part in contributing.

Chuzhou Yangzi Air Conditioner Co. congratulated . Warm the Successful member legislature

Chuzhou Yangzi Air Conditioner Co. , Ltd. Since established branch of the party . Under the guidance of a higher Party organizations , led by a majority of party members enthusiast. Operation, and achieve the effect , while further expanding the ranks of party members in September 2013 on the development approval of the Board of Directors of the Company at the district branch of the party organization, party committee .
October 30, 2013 meeting of the CPC Committee of Chuzhou Yangzi Air Conditioner Co., Ltd., a member of the national anthem is involved in meeting the commander is the deputy leader of Chuzhou city's economy. Non-public and social organizations . Committee Secretary Lv Zubi Members Chuzhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone Committee Secretary Disciplinary Committee Li Sao , Director of Chuzhou City Board of cadres Discipline Inspection Wang Chunrong, Chuzhou Economic non-public and social organizations office. of Chuzhou economic Development Office of the Deputy general technical China Yangzi Group Chuzhou Yangzi Air Ren Chenjie Co. Chairman Cheng , vice president, Hu Yulin, Xiong Yu and members of the party attendees.